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Our portfolio prep program focuses on building portfolios for the following majors:

Entertainment/Game/Film Concept Design | Illustration |

Fine Art/Studio Art | Graphic Design | Animation |

Generalized Art Portfolios for Universities

Our values of excellence and creativity are exemplified through our teachers, who are all highly qualified professionals in the art and design industry. Our unique staff and program enables us to provide students with a diversified and ever-evolving education in the arts as we help students gain admission to prestigious art schools. We emphasize small class sizes and individual attention paid to each student to help each portfolio feel unique and tailored both to the student’s personality and personal creative expression as well as to the type of work that their top school choices look for in a college admission portfolio. 

We offer various levels of college prep help, from assisting only with scheduling, school choice, and portfolio, to assisting with essays and meeting with students one on one to walk them through whatever parts of the portfolio creation or application process that they need extra help with. 

We offer a full schedule of art classes in each category expected in a college art portfolio (figure drawing, sketchbook, and creative pieces) as well as classes for creative pieces that are more specialized so we can tailor to major-specific portfolios and help students improve on their weaker points to produce a well-rounded portfolio that shows excellent execution of all basic skills expected at a top tier art school.


Portfolio Preparation


For College & University Applications

A distinctive portfolio is essential to acceptance into and receiving merit scholarship for competitive college art programs. With a success rate of nearly 100% for getting students into their top college choices, you will get invaluable insight from our instructors into the process of creating a portfolio that highlights your unique strengths and tells your artistic story while catering to the preferences of specific colleges.

Mentorship  Program

The Mentorship Program is an advanced and personalized approach to portfolio development, ideal for students seeking intensive guidance and expertise. This program is characterized by its focus on frequent, direct interactions with a mentor and structured support through various stages of portfolio creation.

Key Features:

  • Bi-Weekly Mentor Meetings

  • Fundamental Classes

  • Regular Counselor/Principal Consultations

  • Personalized Portfolio Development

  • Help with Portfolio Layout

  • Help to prepare and organize submission materials

  • A personalized weekly schedule 

  • A portfolio and college steps cheek list

  • Recommendation letter (only for excellent performance)

Art/Design School Application Package 

Our Art/Design School Application Package  is designed to carefully guide students through every step of the portfolio preparation and application process. After a 1 on 1 meeting, our counselors and instructors will create a comprehensive plan to assist the student with developing foundational skills, creating portfolio-specific projects, and preparing their applications with week-to-week schedules and checklists of both portfolio goals and all the smaller steps needed to go through the process of applying for college. Students in the application package program meet with their counselors twice a week and Mr. Ming Pan once a month to receive professional guidance, support and individual attention, as they prepare competitive, unique portfolios and well-crafted admission and scholarship applications. 

This program includes:

  • Portfolio Classes tailored to student needs

  • Help editing college essays

  • A personalized weekly schedule 

  • A portfolio and college steps check list

  • Personalized critique 

  • Help to prepare and organize submission materials

  • College Application Workshop

  • Multiple portfolio reviews 

  • Help with Portfolio Layout

  • Recommendation letter (only for excellent performance)

College Rep. Visits and Portfolio Reviews

Our portfolio prep program boasts a number of virtual visits from representatives at various colleges. Some visits are to give a presentation on the college, and some visits are to review student portfolios. Students from both tiers of the program are invited to attend these talks. Sign up sheets for portfolio reviews are circulated several weeks prior to the visit.

In the past we have had virtual visits from Otis, CalArts, ArtCenter College of Design, Laguna College of Art and Design, SVA, RISD, Ringling, SAIC, and CCA.

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