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General Art Portfolio for Universities 

Our values of excellence and creativity are exemplified through our teachers who are all highly qualified professionals in the art and design industry. Some are working in Hollywood, Disney, or as senior artists in the fields of Fine Arts and Design. Our unique staff and program enable us to provide students with a diversified and ever-evolving education in the arts whether the student is looking to gain admission to a prestigious school, or expand their own knowledge and skill set to enrich and improve their lives.

The program helps students narrow down their college list, organize their schedule, and edit their essays as they produce portfolio pieces. We offer various levels of college prep help, from assisting only with scheduling, school choice, and essays (for students planning to apply to college but who don’t intend to study art), to a full schedule of art classes in each category expected in a college art portfolio (figure drawing, sketchbook, and creative pieces). 

Portfolio Preparation


For College & University Applications

A distinctive portfolio for art college/university applications is essential to improving your chances of acceptance and receiving scholarship opportunities. Under the guidance of our teachers and counselors, all of whom are working professionals with top art school educations, you will get invaluable insight into the process of creating a portfolio that highlights your unique strengths and tells your artistic story.


Portfolio  Full - Package Program

Our full-package portfolio program is designed to carefully guide students through every step of the portfolio preparation and application process. After a 1 on 1 meeting, our counselors and instructors will create a comprehensive plan to assist the student with developing foundational skills, creating portfolio specific projects and preparing their applications with academic and application counseling.. Students in the Portfolio full-package program meet with their counselors weekly to receive guidance, support and individual attention, to help them prepare competitive, unique portfolios and well-crafted admission and scholarship applications. 

Standard Portfolio  Program

Our standard portfolio program is designed to help you complete your portfolio in a competitive way by providing custom classes, assessing your artistic needs and discovering your choice of major. After an initial one-on-one consultation with an art counselor, you will receive a recommended class schedule tailored to your field of study and goals. Regular check-ins with the portfolio counselors will give students feedback on their projects and skills, as well as the portfolio as a whole. Our students will receive training in foundational skills and industry knowledge to apply to the art college or university of their choice with confidence.

Portfolio Mentorship Program

Our portfolio mentorship program is designed to guide students through the portfolio development process with feedback from our counselors, and a professional mentor from within the field of their major. During regular, scheduled portfolio meetings students will receive specific direction, critique and guidance to develop their personal projects and portfolios along a structured timeline. Students in the portfolio mentorship program may choose to take additional classes to sharpen their skills, or, develop their projects on their own without additional classes.

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