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How do online classes work?

Online classes are set up to mimic an in-person class as much as possible. The teacher will introduce a concept or technique to the class through a lecture, demo or activity. Following the introduction there will usually be an assignment which will give the students a structured activity to help them practice the concept or technique. The teacher will check in on each student throughout the class to give them individualized feedback and assist them with the assignment. Homework will be assigned to give the student additional time to practice on their own.

How is the online class structured?

All of our classes are held live on Zoom and led by an instructor. Each instructor structures their class differently but you can expect a combination of presented information through lectures and demos, and assignments where students will practice the skills and techniques learned in class by creating their own work. Our online classes use Google Classroom for student/instructor communication, announcements and assignments..

How many students are usually in one class?

There are two class sizes at MCAA. Group classes have between 4-10 students, Private classes have 2-3 students. After a class reaches full capacity, another section will open for enrollment.


Do students provide their own art supplies?

Yes, students will provide their own materials for class. Instructors will present students with a list of necessary materials when they enroll.

How does the teacher teach us?

The teaching style will depend on the instructor and level of class you are taking. For beginning and younger students, specific assignments and instructions will be given and the students may be asked to follow along as the instructor demonstrates. For more advanced students, the assignments and instructions will be more open ended, allowing for each individual to develop their own voice and style. In all classes, the instructor will usually introduce techniques or concepts, followed by individualized attention to guide them through the exercise. 


Do students follow along as the instructor demonstrates?

Sometimes, but not always. You may follow along to initially understand a skill or technique but in all our classes students are expected to create their own original artwork. 


Is the instructor responsible for the student’s completed artwork?

The instructor is only responsible for making sure the student learns all the skills and techniques necessary to create their own original artwork. Although there may sometimes be a demo the students can follow along with or copy, the majority of work in our classes will be the students' own ideas that they execute independently. 

How do I know how my child is doing in the class?

Every 12 weeks or so, there is a parent/guardian check-in meeting with your child's instructor after class. The instructor will update you on the class progress and there will be time afterwards for discussion. You are also welcome, at any time, to reach out to us and schedule a meeting. 

How can I ensure my child succeeds in the class?

With the transition to virtual learning, it is essential that the parent is involved in the class. Please be available during class time to ensure your child has all the proper materials and is not distracted with other activities. If the student is engaged in class and completes all of their work, they will likely accelerate in their growth.

How much do classes at MCAA cost?

Class prices depend on the level of class your student is enrolled in and whether the class is a group class or private. Group class pricing can be found on the BUY CLASS CREDITS page. And if you are interested in our private class or portfolio classes, please contact us to get detailed information and schedule a class.

How  does the class credit system work?

1 Credit = 1 Class. Every time the student attends the class, we will count it as 1 credit being used. If the student needs to call absent, the student or parent will need to fill out the absence request form or contact the school 24 hours in advance, before that week's class start time, so that their credit can be saved for next time. When the student runs out of credit, we will send out a reminder email to their parents with all the renewal info they need. 

There's nothing about class credits in my profile, how do parents track the credits that the student used?

We do our class credit counting manually, because it is easier to keep the credits for students if they are going to be absent, you can always feel free to email us by or text 626-321-7679 anytime, we will reply to you as soon as possible.  


How long does portfolio preparation for Art Schools and Universities usually take?

The more time you have the better! MCAA recommends that students begin portfolio preparation no later than their Sophomore year of high school. Each student is different, which is why you will receive an individual consultation to determine your timeline before you start our portfolio program.


How do I know which major I should choose for college?

We have professional art counselors here to help you answer questions about everything from your major, to which schools are a good fit for your and what kinds of projects you need for your portfolio. Please click here to book a private consultation.

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Have additional questions?

Please visit the CONTACT US page or messages us directly at or call or text 626-321-7679.

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