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Hollywood's Chinese Creative Director / VFX Art Director

Ming Creative Art Academy was founded in 2015 by Ming Pan, who has been one of the few VFX art directors/Creative Director to occupy an important position in the American film industry, and actively participating in both Hollywood and Asian film productions.


Mr. Ming began working as an artist at an early age. He started to learn Chinese traditional ink painting at the age of 11, held a personal tour exhibition at the age of 12, and immigrated to the United States as a special talent at the age of 15. Mr. Ming Pan is deeply influenced by Chinese and Western art and culture. He recognizes the values of acquiring traditional skills and academic excellence, but also has a profound and unique understanding of aesthetic creativity.  He envisioned an academy dedicated to unleashing any individual's creative potential and fostering the next generation's artists to become the best in the world.


Ming Creative Art Academy embodies the passion and understanding of both traditional academic excellence and creativity, and seeks to give our students the advantages of both - enabling them to create new and interesting concepts while gaining the skills to execute them.

Ming Pan's Website

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