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Asia & The West - The best of both worlds


At Ming Creative Art Academy, we embody the values of our founder, Ming Pan - his interest, experience and respect for rigorous and foundationally sound art education, that also encourages new ideas, creative thinking and conceptual development. 


Our program is designed to value both equally, offering an opportunity for students to learn essential technical skills such as drawing from observation, color theory, perspective and design fundamentals alongside teaching them to think outside of the box, recognize and harness their passions and create work that is meaningful.


We offer art classes ranging from preschool to high school and adults. Our art courses can be taken as a primary art course or to complement school curriculums. In addition to offering foundational skills and creative development our program is individually tailored to each student. Each individual has a class plan that is crafted especially for them, offering courses in the area of a student's specific interest, or to develop the skills they need to achieve their highest potential. This results in a unique teaching program where instruction is focused on helping the student develop fundamental art skills that support their creative and artistic goals. 


Our values of excellency and creativity are exemplified through our teachers who are all highly qualified professionals in the art and design industry. Some are working in Hollywood, Disney, or as senior artists in the fields of Fine Arts and Design. Our unique staff and program enable us to provide students with a diversified and ever-evolving education in the arts whether the student is looking to gain admission to a prestigious school, or expand their own knowledge and skill set to enrich and improve their lives.

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